Reiki & Healing

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Reiki One
Dates available in October
10.00 - 3 pm

Reiki Two
Dates available in August and September
10.00 - 3 pm

We only take a maximum of four people per class.

Working with Reiki is simply working the energy of the life force of the Universe. We use Reiki to transmit healing through the hands, based upon simple, ancient healing techniques. Reiki uses specific hand positions on or above parts of the body that correspond to major organs and energy centers, such as the heart or adrenal glands.
The purpose of learning Reiki is to increase your own self-healing abilities; and it is helpful for any sort of ailment - whether it be physical, mental or emotional. We can use Reiki for any situation; the effects of stress on our health, from skin rashes to migraine headaches and pain relief. It is also helpful for people who have experienced emotional, physical or mental trauma. Reiki works within all religious or spiritual beliefs and cultures and can be used in conjunction with all mainstream approaches to healing.

First Degree
Is about self healing and invites the student to begin working towards wholeness, exploring the healing of mind, body, emotions and spirit, inner peace and energy balancing. Students will receive healing and four attunements during the day Reiki Second Degree
Builds upon the experience of Reiki I. Students are introduced to three
Reiki symbols and will practice using them over the two days. More
healing exchange is given and students are introduced to ways in which Reiki works with other traditions of healing and the ways in which our energy systems work. There will be opportunity to work with Reiki for healing in nature and in the home.
Students will be encouraged to give each other treatments and to discuss their experiences of giving and receiving treatments.

The Elements Therapeutic Energy (ETE)

The Elements Therapeutic Energy (ETE)
A new date coming soon
10am - 4pm
ETE is a beautiful, calm and peaceful therapy which will enable you to not only harmonise your own energy field but to restore balance to others who need help through emotional and physical problems/illnesses. As practitioners we can help others in managing pain, anxiety and stress.
ETE is a therapy where the practitioner connects with the healing powers of the elements and channels this energy, through their hands, to any affected parts of the body whilst the client is fully clothed.
Unlike many other healing methods the practitioner is not merely a channel between the energy and the client but takes on a slightly more active role. Prior to any treatment the client will be led through a very short and soft relaxation meditation (whilst they are on the couch) to help prepare them for the treatment.
Course 1
In Course 1 all of the basics will be covered and much practical work completed such that the student can leave the course with the knowledge required to commence using the therapy. The practitioner will learn all aspects of 4 of the 5 elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and how to use the healing energy of each.
Course 2
In Course 2 there is a requirement that the student bring with them 2 case studies of people they have treated. The main focus of this course is to establish all that has been previously learnt and look in depth at the Spirit element.
At the end of each course an attunement will be given and a certificate issued.
The Elements Therapeutic Energy system was developed by Del Lary in January 2015.
Del is a Reiki Master Teacher and has also taught Wicca for a number of years and resides in Brixham. Del developed ETE after much thought and a desire to generate a therapy that was native to the UK and all could understand use.

Reiki Master Teacher

12 February 2017
Part 1
10.00 - 4.00 apprpx
Masters is

Reiki Master/Teacher
Part 2,
To be arranged with your Master

The Reiki Master/Teacher is in two distinct parts Reiki Master Part 1 and Reiki Master/Teacher. Both of these courses are taught in the traditional Usui tradition and both courses last 1 day. Full handbooks will be issued during both courses. The course teacher would like to meet people before enrolment in both of these courses.
Reiki Master Part 1
Many people would like to become a Reiki Master but do not wish to teach. There are many joys in becoming a Reiki Master and the additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge will enhance your healing abilities. The course includes attunement to the Master symbols.
Reiki Master/Teacher
At this level the student is taught how to teach Reiki and how to attune others to Reiki. The attunement process and being taught how to attune/initiate others into Reiki is especially joyful and your teacher will ensure you have plenty of time in class to practice the attunement process. Teaching skills and techniques will also be taught and a number of hand-outs issued.